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Captain America Has Me Taking Public Transportation

It has been a long time since I had to rely on public transportation to get to and from work. In fact, it has been so long that I didn’t have kids to worry about getting to daycare and school or collecting them when sick. So when my great city allowed a big budget Hollywood film to come in and a close a major artery to downtown Cleveland from the suburbs I knew straight away that I would be taking the train to work.

This past Friday was day one of the express way closing and I had planned ahead. I purchased my pass a head of time but did not read the rules. I didn’t activate it first by dipping it in a meter first so I couldn’t swipe it. I remember when taking the train seemed way less complicated and a whole cheaper. Still beats sitting in traffic.

Top 5 tips for Taking Public Transport

1. Make a plan

Call it research or recon but learn about the way things work. Check out your city’s website or phone, don’t wait till you are on the bus or train because bus drivers can be rude when you ask for help and put off by questions. I guess they have good reason; it is not an easy job.

Fares and routes can be found on the website as well as directions on how it all works but prepare to miss something the first day so give your self time. I was a frequent rider years ago and thought I knew what to do and when my pass did not work because it was not activated I was not able to go through the turnstile. Thanks to a rapid police officer who showed me that it had to be activated first in a box or in a fare card box otherwise I would still be standing at the turnstile.

2. Pack a bag

Leave your purse at home and use something practical like a messenger bag or backpack. You want to keep it close to your body and anything valuable closer. If you have a bus pass keep it in a pocket that is easy to get to and get out.

3. Bring something to do on the ride

I always had a book or my iPod and now my kindle. For the cost of the fare these days they really should have wifi on board.

4. Take a snack

I know it seems silly but you never know what could happen and something on the rails going to work or going home can make a longer delay when you are hungry.

5. Enjoy the ride

You don’t have to drive so enjoy the ride.

Since the great powers, in their infinite wisdom, decided to close down one of the most popular ways into downtown from the west side they have created a traffic jam on the streets going in and the highways. Don’t take a bus because the bus will be stuck in that traffic, too. Take the rapid transit, trust me and cheers to the start of a new work week.
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