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Because There is Marker on Your Monitor

What happens when your toddler takes a sharpie and draws circles on your fancy flat screen computer monitor?

You use the monitor for a few months, internally cussing out the makers of sharpie for making them so permanent.

But, as I sit at the computer trying to type a post about something or other, I went on Facebook to see if this may have happened to someone else and got a bunch of replies...

I had already tried hand sanitizer (it was all I had) and I made the Husband get me his WD40, which he reluctantly tried to no avail.

It was as if it was mocking me, laughing at my attempts to get rid of it.  I did not have a magic eraser, I used mine to the bitter end and had not replaced it.  The the husband reminded me that we have the mop.

Now, this is not a paid endorsement and I have received nothing for this but I tore a piece off my mop and wouldn't you know it - the damn thing worked!

Magic eraser really did work and left the screen spotless.

She is lucky she is so cute.

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