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Carmex Makes Winter Skin Happy and it's up for Grabs! #spon

Carmex Makes Winter Skin Happy and it's up for Grabs!  #spon

This is a sponsored post, I was not paid, and opinions are 100% my own.

Winter this year has been crazy cold.  Sure, you may be thinking, "Every year is cold!  It's winter!"

But, no, this winter was w-a-y colder than last year in Northeast Ohio and we had snow, a lot.

Last, year, not so much. 

Snow is great for farmers and skiing but this "so cold it's snow weather" wreaks havoc on skin and not just my skin but the whole family.  What do we use?  Carmex cream and lotion. 

I must admit, last year was the first time I tried their line of lotions despite using their lip balms for years.  I was hooked from the moment I opened the lid and smelled that wonderful scent.  It is not fruity or flowery, just clean.  Carmex lotion goes on silky smooth and thick but does not feel the least bit greasy.  It is fantastic!

My skin can get so dry that the lotion actually sits on the surface of my skin for a second before it finally starts to sink in and when it does, boy can you see the difference!  Happy, healthy skin is just a waiting for you in a happy yellow bottle.
Winter Skin

I actually have several bottles floating around the house (on top of what the awesome folks at Carmex sent me for this review) because Baby Girl hoards it.  She digs this so much that she will go and get it out of my purse and hid it. Hid it!

When she wants to use it she will get it out of its hiding place, use it and put it back.  But, because of its unique fragrance I can tell when she is using it and convince her to give it back.  Well, some of the time anyway, which is why I have multiple bottles of this great lotion.

Microemulsification.  That is the technical term for how the make their cream feel awesome.  Or in their words:
  • Formulas with Vitamin E aid moisturization of dry skin, helping to soften and heal it.
  • Our Hydrating Lotion uses aloe at a concentration of 200 times what you’d find in an aloe plant, helping prevent dryness and promote healing, plus soothing irritated skin.

As an added bonus, you get their 75 years of skin care expertise all jammed in their brilliant lotion, too! 
  • Formulas with increased levels of rich lanolin such as Carmex Healing Cream have the same rehydrating properties as naturally occurring lipids in your skin.
  • Our formula includes petrolatum to soften skin while it aids with moisturization.
  • Our healing cream adds allantoin to soften and aid with moisturization.

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