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Because Prompts are Fun - Relationship Fails #promptsrfun

The biggest disappointment that I have experienced in almost every relationship is me. Crazy to admit  but it is true. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to relationships – any kind of relationships.

I think these are more failures on my part so I am going to share my…

Top 5 Fails in Relationships

1. I can’t keep my opinion to myself

Even when I try to refrain from saying how I feel about something, it is written all over my face or is in what I don’t say.

I had this friend once who told me all the things wrong with her new boyfriend over the phone one day. I listened and agreed with her.

My husband happen to be sitting next to me and kept saying – don’t tell her what you think!  And, I wasn’t, till she asked. I swear all I said was something to the effect well at least you found out sooner than later.

I get an email the next day saying I was wrong, he is a great guy and we (essentially) are no longer friends. All I did was agree with her!

Turns out – I was wrong and they are happily married and I have never been so happy to be so wrong.  But, we are still not friends like we were.

2. Little things bug me

Remember that Seinfeld episode when Jerry broke up with a girl because of the way she ate her peas? That’s me.

Weird things like that turn me off so quick and there is no rhyme or reason to it. A quirk that bothers me about one guy (or girl) will have absolutely no effect on me with the next person.

The thing is, once I am turned off, I can’t seem to pick up the phone when they call or return emails and texts if I get them.

I also can't stand being let down, repeatedly.  I mean who can but  it is not hard for me to sever ties because of it.

3. Job change

If I friend someone at work and they (or I) leave I am horrible at keeping in touch.

I am good the first few months but I am just bad at returning phone calls, or emails… thank goodness for Facebook otherwise I would really look like a douche bag.

4. Wife or Girlfriend hates me

I may be the only chick that has more male friends but wants to have girlfriends and just can’t seem to do it.

I have been told that I am a guy’s girl but this really means I am too manly to be a good girlfriend but I make a great gal pal.

I am usually okay with that till they get a girlfriend (or get engaged) and I always hold out hope that I can be their friend too but it never works out that way and they always want them to stop seeing me.  I swear I never sleep with them!  Or want to for that matter... they fart in front of me for goodness sakes!

5. (insert your own reason)

I honestly don’t have a fifth reason. I wish someone would share with me what I do wrong to mess up friendships (besides the ones I listed).
So, here is my plea – If I have pissed you off, please tell me what I did so I can fix it.

It really makes me wonder how I ever got married in the first place.

Do you share my issues or do you have other relationship fails?

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