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Because Prompts Are Fun - Mistakes #promptsrfun

"A simple mistake can tell me what you aren't or remind me why I love you." @rgleeson

Mistakes happen. Big or small it does not matter because a mistake is a mistake.  How we handle making a mistake speaks to our integrity but how someone responds to our mistakes speaks volumes on their character.

That instagram is the quote that sits under my computer monitor at work so I see it every day.  I make mistakes constantly and I try to become a better person for the mistakes I make and in turn hope to be a better person as I encounter others mistakes.

At least, I try to be a better person.

I'm a certainly a work in progress.

What inspires you?

I stumbled upon this about a year ago from a TED series, Talks in less than 6 minutes.  This one is about the dreaded 404 page and how companies can take advantage of that 404 error page. If you have a chance, the discussion is worth watching because Renny Gleeson is just a wonderful speaker and offers a lot of humor but gets his point across - a mistake can be an opportunity.
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