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Because You Want to Clean Your House

Last week I wrote about the guilt I feel about having a less than clean house and I was meet by an overwhelming amount of comments sharing not only my disdain for housework but also the difficulties that I have encountered (i.e. better things to do).  Since, I now know that I am not alone I thought I would share my tips on cleaning.

Top 5 Tips on Cleaning

(or making it feel like cleaning)

1. Spot Clean

Pick a spot in your house, and clean it.  My go to spot to clean is the dining room table.  For some reason, no matter what the rest of my house looks like, if the dining room table is clean - I can deal with the rest.  Of course by clean I mean, shove all the bills into a pretty, ornate box, push the crayons, pencils and paper into the window seat drawer and wipe the table off with Pledge or Murphy's oil soap to make the whole room smell fresh and clean.

2. Do the dishes

I hate doing dishes and I can leave them in the sink, go to bed and not feel bad at all about leaving dirty dishes in the sink.  But, clean dishes make me feel like the rest of the room is clean.  As an added bonus, doing the dishes does help me emotionally.

3. Utilize Your Kids Need to Help

There will come a time when your kids will not want to please you and this is the time to capitalize on it.  Trust me, my seven year old is over the need to please me by cleaning but he does have a fascination with tornadoes. By telling him that there is a tornado in the vacuum and he can manipulate the force within you better believe he jumps at the chance to clean the carpets.

Since Baby is still a little to young to vacuum she does love to mimic me so I use our quality time to fold laundry.  So what the towels aren't perfect.  She is just excited to help.

4.  Invite Your In-laws Over!

Nothing gets me to clean like inviting my Husband's family over, well except for...

5. Host a Party!

Because there is not enough going on in my life right now I decided to host a Tastefully Simple party for three reasons:
1.  I really do love their products.
2.  To have a reason to clean my house
3.  My son is making his first communion in May and I want the discount.

Join my online party here.

What are some of your tips for cleaning (or feeling like you are cleaning)?

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