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I Can Do It Myself, Mama!

I was told I was an independent child.  I was also informed that it hurt my mom's feelings that I wanted to do for myself all. of. the. time.  I am not surprised.  My mom is a cancer and it is in her nature to want to help others.

I, on the other hand, could not grasp why she was hurt.  I thought for sure she would celebrate my independence and see it as a testament of good parenting.  This does not apply to the toddler me.  Even if I had a boo-boo I would rather be alone and nurse my wound.   I am not surprised.  I am like this now.

Knowing this, you would think that I would not be surprised to hear, “Mama, let ME do it!” come out of Baby’s mouth with damn near everything she does.

I can't say that my feelings were hurt but I was certainly taken by surprise.  I expected independence but at two?  What can you do for yourself at two years old?!!?  Well, apparently everything and anything!  Her independence also made me realize how much I did for my son when he was a toddler.  Part of it was because it is just easier to do than let do for himself but the bigger part was personality.  This is still the case and I am constantly reassuring him that he can in fact do {insert any  activity here} for himself.

Baby, on the other hand, not only wants to do for herself but whole heartily insists that she can and should do for herself.  And, I am not talking using a fork or brushing her teeth but more advanced like wanting to make grilled cheese sandwiches, buckle her own seat-belt and dress herself (even after I already got her dressed).  This is all well and good until she hurts herself or makes me late for work. 

SHE IS TWO for goodness sakes! 

I know I should be grateful and certainly I do love that she wants to do for her self but does she have to be so damn mean about it.  Instead of, "I can do it, mommy," this switch flips, her eyes turn red, flames shot from her finger tips and it goes more like "I WILL DO IT MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!"

From swinging on the big kid's swing to putting on her own coat, hat and boots, Baby can do so much and yet she has not interest in using the potty!  Insanity I say, insanity!

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