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Because Prompts are Fun #2


Another week, another prompt!

Last week was a great first week and those that participated certainly embraced the "hard" topic.  I could feel Amber's panic in Being a Mom is Hard as well as Stacy's in Math Nightmares.  Both are scary and hard on their own.  But, I could relate the most with Tahila in Hardest...blogging  because I started blogging to be creative, even though I am not really a writer.  My major was art for goodness sakes!  Reading back, I know I have improved my writing and doing prompts helped enormously especially when I was called out on mistakes.

This week Darcy from Tales from The Nursery and I want to know about you!  Sure, we could have done that for the first week but how predictable is that? 

This week’s theme is INTRODUCTION.

Choose one of the prompts, write a blog post, and come back on Friday to link it up!

1. In 500 words or less introduce us to your life.

2. Tell your intro story using pictures.

3. Tell the story behind your blog.

 Come back on Friday and share what you wrote!

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