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Flooded with Tears and Love

Flooded with Tears and Love

My daughter has the ability to bring me to my knees, literally. 
It would be comical if it were not true. Her tantrums have brought me to my knees, as tears flood my eyes and I could no longer keep myself up right. Her temper tantrums are fierce and they can stop as quickly as they start or they can last for hours.

My daughter is sweet and funny but she is demanding and relentless. She can bring me to my knees as I struggle to control her, change her, dress her or love her. She is so damn strong. I am sure these will be traits that I will celebrate one day but right now I can’t say that I feel like celebrating much of anything because I am on my knees, again.

My daughter has a smile that the devil would envy and eyes so bright with mischief that she lights the night. When she laughs, she does so with her whole body and when she cries, the heavens themselves cry with her. She brings me to my knees.
The love I feel for my daughter can inundate me.  I can not breath and I don't have to as long as she is around to bring me to life and off of my knees.
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