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Election? What Election?

When I was a kid I was convinced that the day I became an adult I would get a bill from the government telling me how much my share of the deficit would be and when it needed to be paid. I wondered if they would want it all at once or would they do a payment plan.

I never got a bill. What I got was wasted time with needless worry about a bill that never came.  

I think of that deficit billthatnevercame every time this one particular commercial comes on the air. In this commercial, an everyday mom, looking at her iPad of a sound bite (that changes from day to day and not always a sound bite but sometimes news footage of the president with someone else talking) and wondering out loud (to the camera) how her children will pay for the deficit.

I feel like an everyday mom and I don't worry about that at all.

I worry about my kid's having health insurance and being able to go to college with out a scholarship of some sort to cover the cost of skyrocketing higher education. I worry that my daughter will not have the same rights that I have and I worry my children or their friends will not be able to marry who ever they want to marry.

I am not at all concerned about the deficit.

My thoughts about the election are pretty simple and it is more of a question. What is all this gosh darn bickering about?

Really, the president, any president, is only as good as the congress that backs him and his ideals. If they don't work together, all hope is lost.

Don't get me wrong, I am certainly supporting one over the other but mainly because his ideals match my own.

Will I be voting?  Of course!  It is my right.

Will I be making tasty treats for the PTA to sell at the polling station?  Of course, that is just a brilliant idea and I made chex mix last year to sell at the bake sale and it went over so well they ran out.  )This year I made Snicker-doodle (gluten free) chex mix.)

Will I be happy when this whole thing is over?  You better believe it.  I am so tired of all the name calling, chest beating and wasted paper to last me a life time, or until the next presidential election which ever comes first.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo and this is today's prompt.

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