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Anywhere in the World and I Would Live...

If I could live anywhere, where would I live?

When I was young, I wanted to live in New Orleans. I wanted to live in the French Quarter with a view from a balcony where I sit in the early morning and sip my café au lait. Or maybe, I could live in the Garden District with Anne Rice as my neighbor and take the street car to my job probably as a server or bartender somewhere on Bourbon Street.

I was so in love with that city. In a way, I still am but as with first loves, or in this case more of a crush, once you see the reality love wanes but that memory stays. I spent many a day (and night) roaming the city and it was amazing, wonderful even but I knew it was not for me to stay. I tried, several times to stay but I always came back to Ohio.

As I got older, I thought that Seattle may be a good place to lay my roots. I still have not made it there to visit but after the last few days of rain, I am not sure it is a place I want to visit for awhile.

I have dreamed my whole life of living in Ireland. But, I don’t dream of living there anymore. I certainly want to visit. One day I will visit it.

I never imagined I would end up in the suburb I grew up in, the city, yes, but not the little community that I spent my childhood and teenage years in. I thought I would live in a trendy, urban community and probably in a walk up.

But, no, I am living a few streets from where I grew up. I should be in the same parish that I made my first communion and confirmation in and my kid goes to the school that I walked past every day of my grade school years.

Deciding to move where we live now was given a lot of thought but it was also a no brainer. The houses are old and have character as does our neighborhood. The schools are good and there are plenty of playgrounds to amuse the kids. We are not far from where I work and there are s few beaches near by as well.  There is a hospital, shopping and grocery stores within walking distance, not that I do, but I did when I lived just a little closer to them. My brother, sister and mother lived in the city still and I knew that this was the right choice.

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would still live right where I am. My mother has been moved but only a city away and my brother moved to but he is still not far from us. It was right for them. Staying is right for us.

My younger self is more than likely disappointed in me for settling. But, the reality is that we are home when we are together.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?  I am participating in NaBloPoMo and this is the Friday prompt.
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