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How to Eat a (@MobileCupcakery) Cupcake.

Two weeks ago I checked out Food Truck Friday at the Free Stamp and one of my co-workers got a cupcake from Mobile Cupcakery.  As much as I wanted one, I didn't get one but I could not resist this past Friday and splurged on their Pumpkin Spiced Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting dusted with Cinnamon.

As I sat at work contemplating how I would enjoy it I remembered something I saw on pinterest, and now,  thanks to pinterest, I can now eat a cupcake properly.
It has also occurred to me that this would be the perfect way to eat one of their cupcakes while standing in line waiting for my food from one of the food trucks.

This damn cupcake was ridiculously good, even if it seemed a little overpriced for the size.   My first bite I just let sit on my tongue awhile and let my taste buds remember the taste.  The second and third went by way to fast and I had to stop so I could savor the last of the cupcake.  The cupcake was so delicious I am currently stalking their Facebook page to find out where they will be next to get my cupcake fix.

How do you eat your cupcake?

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