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@BloggerIdol Week 6 Play At Home Edition - Sharing Favorite Blogs #payitforward

I can't recall how I got hooked on Blogger Idol last year.  I am sure it was a post on Twitter or Facebook but however I stumbled upon it I am glad that I did because I have started reading blogs that I would have never found through my groups.  I even meet a contestant and a fan in real life and became good blog friends with another contestant.

Sure, I may have been mentioned in not one, but two of last years Blogger Gives Back Week post but what can I say...  Actually, I am not sure what to say because I was truly humbled and honored that two bloggers wanted to share my blog with the Blogger Idol world.  I am not sure if I ever said thank you to Mama Spaghetti and Roni so I am doing it now - Thank You!

Since, this is the play at home version of Blogger Idol I wanted to share with you my Top 5 blog picks.  Two happen to be Blogger Idol eliminations and I am only sharing that they are favorites of mine now since the contest for them is over.

My Top 5 Blogs of 2012

I just adore her and her writing.  Funny and honest; a born story teller..  I love that her princess personality shines through every post.  My favorite post and pretty much what made me want her in Blogger Idol was the post about not being like her mom and Shelia, the therapist.

She blogs a lot about sex and feminism.  And, I mean a whole hell of a lot about sex and feminism and that is why she is awesome.  She also has this list 39 Things About Me and I am totally going to steal this for my upcoming birthday post.

The Aums

I love the Aums Mama! Christine is one of my most favorite people in the blog world and I look forward to her blog posts.  Among the many things she does, she is a homeschooling mom and is an iVillage contributor.  It was because of iVillage that I found her but it is her wonderful writing and twitter that kept me coming back.

Eat Drink Cleveland

She is a girl after my own heart - food and Cleveland!  She writes about all the great places to find food in North East Ohio.  Over the summer I finally got to meet her in person and I swear I think I hugged her five times before the night was over.  And, for some strange reason 11 Betcha Didn't Knows About Me (from @EatDrinkClev) keeps coming up in my popular post column and I can only contribute it to her and her great fans.  Even if you are not from Cleveland you should check her blog - the pictures of food is worth it.

Pattern Crush

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Pattern Crush is a new blog that my niece started in a homage to fabric and quilting. She has some wonderful ideas, projects and pictures and I can't wait to see her blog grow.

Do you have a favorite blog?  

Check out this week's play at home with Blogger Idol and if you happen to write a post link up!

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