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The air around me seems charged and the energy is dancing on my skin. Something is wrong but I don’t have enough information to figure it out, yet. I know that when I start asking questions whatever it is will reveal it to me but I am not sure that I want to do this right now.

You see, this sense I have is a gift and a curse. I have always been able to intuitively know some things, anticipate some needs if I was close to someone but an act of nature made it become heightened. And, this did not just happen to me but my whole family went through a metamorphoses.

I start to run down my list of people to narrow in on who is in trouble. My power is a form of premonition but, as in life, it could not be that simple. I sense a change in the atmosphere and I must figure out who needs me or my help as it were. I know what you are thinking, we all have this ability to figure out what is wrong but, mine differs by intensity and by knowledge. Once I am made aware, I go through the list of those close to me and if it is one of them, my mind is filled with images and I know what is wrong and what I must do. My powers are not limited to the people I know but will also expand to strangers with whom I have touched. I no longer shake hands with anyone I don’t think I will talk to again.

I did not take but a second to get to my son in my mind and see that he was being picked on again by a boy in his class. It was not the first time and it is hard not to go to his aide. My son’s power is as an empath. He can sense what others are feeling and can use it against them or to help them. It takes a lot of strength for him to do it and it is usually only when truly angered or provoked. Sadly, he wants so much to be his bully’s friend that he is not using his inner strength to stand up to him, power or no power.

My sweet son knows the pain his bully is in and won’t use it against him. I want to shake the boy till he hurts as much as he is hurting my son but as my sweet boy pointed out, he is already hurting that much. They both need help and I am unsure how to intervene, as a mother or as a powerful creature who can make the bully whimper in my wake.

If the bully only knew how much he should fear his prey’s father. The Husband was strong to begin with but his strength increased by tenfold when we were given these powers. Besides the strength, he can also heal with incredible speed and he has stopped aging. He looks exactly the same as the day we were married.

It was our union that allowed our gifts to surface; something to do with the planets aligning with the latitude and longitude of our union. Had we married a few minutes early or later we would be a normal family but as we stood before the man who married us our lives changed forever.

As most may know, the Husband held our son during most of the ceremony. In fact, our little one year old walked me down the aisle. So it was as a family we changed. We wondered if Baby would be born with a gift since ours came to us because of circumstances but it did not take long to see that her powers are in persuasions. She can use her big brown eyes to force someone to do her bidding and now that she is older she is really getting the hang of sublet persuasions. Allowing those she is influencing to think something is their own idea when in reality it is her doing. I worry about her turning evil, daily.

An average day for us is similar to yours with the exception that we hold the fate of the world in our hands. Bills still need to be paid, lunches made and homework done on time but in between we help make the world a better place. And today, making the world a better place means having a talk with one little bully and his unruly parent.

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