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@BJsWholesale Club Has a Treat for You This Halloween

I did not receive any sort of compensation for this post and I am part of the BJ’s Bargainista program. 
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Did you know that BJ’s Wholesale Club does Halloween?!!? Me neither or at least I didn’t until last weekend when the kids and I headed up there to buy diapers. Low and behold, Halloween!

Amongst the aisles of great deals and large selections of things I want to buy is a great big aisle dedicated to Halloween and not just candy (in bulk) but costumes, decorations and other fun treats for your ghouls and goblins.

The kids took one look at the over sized inflatable decorations and screeched with delight or maybe fear, either way, a good response when looking at spooky decorations. And, they than screeched again when they saw the copious amounts of candy leading me to shriek in horror of all the tiny bags of candy I buy each year at twice the cost. Can you guess where I am buying my candy this year?

It did not take long for Baby to find the costumes. She wanted to be Minnie Mouse until she saw Cinderella and now we don’t know which one she will be for trick or treating. At their low prices we may just buy both costumes. I am a little disappointed with the size of their selection of costumes and I only hope that her costume is there when we go back to buy it and the candy for the big night.

Besides Halloween, BJ’s has already started putting out their Christmas stuff and the kids spent a fair amount of time informing me what they want on their Christmas list. I can honestly say that BJ’s will be one of our destinations this Christmas for gifts to give and food to make. C-man has informed me that he wants to have his (now) annual cookie decorating party and I sure hope they have the pre-cut sugar cookies I have come to rely on for this event.

Still not sure if BJ’s is right for you? Never fear! BJ’s recently kicked off their Free Trial Membership Program in Ohio. This year they will be offering a 90-day membership FREE in all six OHIO clubs! That’s right! 90 free days to try out BJ’s and all of the benefits that come with membership - just be sure to sign up before December 31, 2012.

What are the benefits you ask? National brands, extensive organics, high quality meat and all of your holiday necessities in a one-stop, cost savings destination all with the opportunity to save more than 30 percent

What are you waiting for?  I got mine! Read about here.

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