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I am a Craptastic Mom

I am a craptastic mom.

I yell, I yell a lot.

I am a hugger and a kisser.  I never want to stop.  I will kiss them until they have to run away from me and even than I will hunt them down to hug and kiss them some more.

My son was circumcised.  I did not, will not, not ever feel bad about it.

I contemplated using cloth diapers with Baby (girl) but ultimately knew I would never follow through with washing them so we use disposables.

I openly read 50 Shades of Grey at the park with the kids.

I swear, I swear a lot.

I did not want Baby to ever wear pink but the color just looks so damn cute with her skin color that I could not resist and now she declares it is her favorite color.

I don't disinfect, anything.

They don't get a bath every night but I try not to let them skip brushing teeth.

I shamelessly compare the two but only in my head (and maybe to the Husband).

Neither kid liked the binky (pacifier) but I keep trying to make Baby take one so she won't use me as one.

My son still sleeps with his stuffed frog that he has had since he was six months.

I will make separate meals for my kids and if they don't like it they go to bed hungry. 

My son won't eat most meat and I don't force him to eat it.

I don't always like my kids but I always love them.

I don't always love being a mom but I will always like it.

I will never be my kids' friend.  I am their mom.  period.

Both kids know how to make me a cup of coffee but only one is allowed to actually do it alone.

I nursed both kids and I am still nursing Baby (some 30 months later).  I want desperately to stop.  I want to stop so badly that I am at the point of tears.  We continue.

We co-sleep.  Again, I want this to stop but I also know I will be begging them to do it later so I let it go.

I make my son sleep in his bed on school nights but the weather channel is on all night.

My kids watch way more TV then I did or ever will, probably.  I am okay with that because they can greet Spanish speaking people, deaf people and Chinese people and know how to say hello in their respective languages.

I have a temper and they see it.

I love their dad and they see that, too.

They will be raised Catholic and receive as many of the sacraments as possible.

My kids are rarely sick.

I don't sign them up for every freakin' sport or activity that there is to sign them up for but I sign them up for as many as we can afford.

I don't hide the fact that we don't have money to do everything they want to do and will gladly seek out as many free things for them to do no matter where it is in the city.

It is because of my kids that I am a better person.  They will know that I have panic attacks and occasionally get depressed.  But, it is because of them that I get out of bed every morning and it is because of them that I leave the house.

On a side note, I am a craptastic blogger because of Darcy and Jen who not only introduced me to blogging through their blogs but because they, probably unknowingly, kept me sane while I nursed.  Check out other crappy moms list's on Jen's blog Life with Levi.
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