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@Celebr8Express Knows How to Put Together a Great Party (even if I don't)

When did I start planning C-man’s birthday this year? A week before school ended in June. Why? Because, his birthday is a week before school starts, we don’t really see his friends in the summer and there are no kids his age or from his school on our block.

Of course, as soon as I handed out the invites I promptly forgot about it till two weeks before the big day. I worried and fretted that no one would be there but, to be honest, I was not that worried. I knew his close buddy would be there and really that was what mattered, that his close friends will be there to celebrate. And, I suppose his family.

I know it is not necessary to have a party every year but, why not? I love having everyone over and I miss the big family gatherings of my youth. I also think that every birthday should be celebrated because they grow up so damn fast!

Any way… back to the party. I did plan somethings and pinned other things I wanted to do but nothing really took shape until after the Spider-man review the Husband wrote. After it was written, we were approached to do a review for party supplies and would you believe his party was a week off? I could not say yes fast enough and the wonderful folks at Birthday Express sent us the Summer Time Fun Deluxe party Pack for 8

The birthday boy was just as excited to open the box as we were to get it. It came the day before the party so when they say on time delivery, they mean it! It was way more fun to decorate this year then in the past!  Don't get me wrong, I decorate with balloons but never streamers! I had never hung streamers before so this was a new adventure and it turned out so cute.  It was a great thing to open the box and have everything ready to go.  The kit includes:  (8) dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, (18) lunch napkins, (18) beverage napkins, table-cover, tray, a foil beach ball balloon, (18) balloons (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), and curling ribbon (3 colors).

Since the party was supposed to be a beach theme, in August, you could imagine the surprise when the big day came and it rained all day. It not only rained but it was downright cold and windy. Never the less, we held the party on the front porch and laughed at the wind.

We did divided our time between the play room in the attic, the dining room and the porch.  But, I'd say the porch was were most of the action was.  The hardest part was lighting the candles in the wind so we pretended.

The party turned out great and the birthday boy had a blast with his friends and family.  Thank you, Birthday Express for sending us the supplies!  We only received what was featured to facilitate this review.  I did not get paid to write this post and the opinions are 100% my own.  Or in this case, our own.
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