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Make This House a Home Canvas Paint Project for the Kids

Bonus Giveaway!  You win everything pictured! -  3M Scotch Blue Painters Tape, 3M disposable respirator, Glidden Testers and a cute collection of Granite Gold cleaning products

I am so excited to bring a bonus giveaway!  You will win: 4 rolls of ScotchBlue Painter Tape in two sizes, One Glidden Tester (you pick a color and they send it to you), a 3M Disposable Respirator and a Sample Bag of Granite Gold Cleaning Products!

(But, don't forget to enter to win the Granite Gold giveaway!)

In preparation for the Make This House a Home Giveaway Hop, I debated doing a craft project and thanks to the sweet people at 3M Scotch Blue Painters Tape and Glidden Testers I bring you hand-print art!

I have never attempted this before but after seeing the cute hand print projects on pinterest I thought to myself, "self, your kids can do that!"

3M Blue Painters Tape Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector

I had so much fun exploring the 3M website that I had complete confidence in attempting to add their initials to the  project.

Once the tape was down, I used the brush included with the tester to paint the kids hands.  Sure, they are meant to try out paint color with out a commitment but they are also great for craft projects.  Walmart has the full line (306 colors) of the Glidden Paint Testers which sell for $2.94 each, but beginning on July 23, there will be a coupon available on for $2.00 off, making the tester less than $1. Glidden paint testers are available in all 306 colors of the Glidden Brilliance Collection, sold only at Walmart.

Glidden Paint Tester in Red Delicious

As you can see, or can't see, the kids went a little crazy with the painting.  So much for the hand print idea but now I have unique wall art.  My big mistake was not trusting that the tape will come off so I did not seal the tape as I should have done.

The final outcome... Still wondering if it the right place.  What do you think?

Now it is your turn!  Enter via rafflecopter and good luck! (if you can't see the rafflecopter form, please hit refresh)

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