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My Bathroom is My Refuge

My bathroom is my refuge.

It is where I go when I want to hide.  It is where I go when I want to read.  The bathroom is where I go to be alone.  It is also where I go when I am stressed because, well, I have IBS so if you ever stress me out and then want to talk about it, it will be from behind a closed bathroom door (ask The Husband).

Sad, I know.

It started when my son was born and we lived in a smallish two bedroom apartment.  As a new mom, home alone with an infant I was grateful everyday to hand baby boy off to his dad and have a minute to regroup. 

Often, I had to pee by the time he got home from work so I started just staying in the bathroom. Eventually, I would remember to leave a book, or two, in there and I have never gotten out of the habit.  Even now that we live in an honest to goodness house, with three floors and a basement, I still hide in the bathroom.

I don't really want to share my bathroom with you because, well, because I would have to clean it first so I am sharing some of my favorite pins.  The last one is the best so scroll all the way down...

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