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And, an Elephant Goes...

To say that baby girl is somewhat a tom boy is a bit of an understatement.  She probably has more scrapes, bumps and bruises, to date, then her brother ever had and he is five years older.

That said, she is also so very, very girly.

To illustrate just how girly she is - a friend of mine gave me a box of shoes her daughter had out grown.  As baby girl was going through the box, she stopped, stared into the box and stated, "I love shoes."  That is a direct quote my friends.  Direct.  Quote.

That is not my daughter.  This is my Husband's daughter.

My daughter is the baby girl who is using my oven mitt and a golf ball to play catch.

When the Husband caught on to this he declared that he was going to buy her first mitt (which he did) and it would be pink (which it is).

I said, "Why pink?  She may like blue."

"But she is my baby girl and it will be pink."

I did not press the issue.
What I started to do is every time he calls her pretty, I chime in "and SMART!"

He rolls his eyes.  She beams.  At which, I am not sure.  More then likely the attention she is getting.

The Husband took her to the zoo for the first time as part of her brother's first grade field trip.

As we were going through the animals she would see and the sounds that they made I could not resist adding a new one...

Me:  What's a lion say?

Baby: Grrr

Me:  What's an elephant say?

Baby: Blrrr  (very wetly by the way)

Me: What's a bird say?

Baby: Tweet, tweet

Me:  What's a Rowan* say?

Baby: I'm smart!

* her real name

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