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Top Ten Things I Miss About Being Alone

It seems like a lifetime ago that I woke up in a bed alone much less, ate, drank or peed with out someone else five inches away from me. I have a brief glimmer of what it was like, a distant memory. I am not sure I would want that again any time soon but on occasion I like to imagine what it was like.

{cue flash back music}

Ten Things I Miss Most About Being Single

1. Sleeping alone (every once in awhile)

Actually, doing anything alone these days is a luxury but waking up in bed without a stray foot in my face or someone's knee in my back would be swell.

2. Walking around naked.

Call me crazy but I miss being naked in my home. The first thing I would do when I walked through my front door, especially when I worked in a restaurant or night club, was to take off my clothes. Peel off would be better. I usually did it as I walked to the kitchen for a glass of wine.

3. No homework

I hated doing math when I was in the first grade. sigh.

4. Bathroom privacy

Sure, I may have left the door open but I was alone.  And, I took long luxurious baths, with candles and wine.

5. Watching TV when scheduled

If you ask me what time and day my favorite TV show is on I would say - How the hell should I know? Isn't it on demand or hulu, yet?

6. Spontaneity

A ride to the beach four hours from here? - Sure! Bar crawl tomorrow? - Sure! A concert two states over? - Okay! Friend's house for dinner? Tonight? - What can I bring?

7. Vacations (by myself)

I lived for booking a flight to somewhere, anywhere, by myself and seeing somewhere new. I did not do it enough.

8. Dating

Call me crazy but I miss dating, sometimes. Not the bad ones, of course, but I miss the chase and the promise of something new. The flirting and getting to know someone you just met.

9. Eating out

I never cooked for myself and I never went to chain restaurants, either. For the life of me I have no idea what the hot new restaurant is today. I also miss drinking for free. That has more to do with me working "in the industry" then being sent drinks at the bar but either way - free was free.

10. Me time!

And, not just for me time, but also to blog, to write, to paint, to read and whatever else I vaguely remember doing way-back then.

I failed the #AtoZChallenge and I would like to blame it on lack of me time, but, eh, there is also next year.

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