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Ode to Coffee - #AtoZChallenge

In a pot on the stove or fresh from a pot, occasionally pressed but more often than not a single cup, my love for coffee is the longest love affair I've ever had to date.

I wake up with it on my mind, ready for it to help me start my day. I drink a cup while I make lunches and it follows me to the shower, waiting for me to emerge for just one more sip.

Some days my Joe will accompany me as I drop kids off were they need to be and help me manage my morning commute with its wonderful aroma. Oh how I do love the way it smells!

My first move at work (after I wake my computer up of course) is for my mug to fill. Keurig machines are every few feet and if I don't like the flavor near me, there are other flavors elsewhere.

Over ice, occasionally with milk or cream, I am a slave to its bold, satisfying taste, just don't insult me with sugar or artificial sweeteners, that's what cocoa is for and I drink coffee.
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