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Distractions - #AtoZChallenge

Distractions, they are all around. They come by way of good looking men who beg me to gawk at them, TV ads for Joan Rivers’ hair powder or sometimes (just occasionally, though) by way of the world wide web in to many ways to count.

Sometimes I feel like all of the distractions are shouts saying – slow down! But they are to distracting so I look, click and gawk instead of stop, think, be still.

I am sometimes so overwhelmed by the distractions that I can’t catch my breath.

I just want quiet.

I guess I don't really need to be quiet because then I might start thinking. And, who needs to think when everyone else is doing it? Others, who are more important and have more letters behind their names and in their titles are doing a bang up job saying what is right and wrong. I can be distracted because I don’t have to think for myself.

With so much information coming at us, at all times, from all corners of the world, what are we going to be like in the next few years? Will we all be divorced, basket cases with cancer? Because that is just three of the fifty news articles I read today.

Here is a thought for when you are not distracted or need to be - If the world ended today would any one notice? I think not because we were way too distracted to notice that is was happening.

Distractions can be good. My husband, for instance, was my distraction. My escape from dating because we were such good friends and there was no pressure. My blog is a distraction but can easily take over my life if I succumb to the pressure to have better stat and more followers. My kids are wonderful distractions and they have such promise in their little faces that they are by far my most favorite distraction of all of the others.

However, there are many more needless (or not) distractions that we encounter at any given moment that it boggle the mind. The reality is that there are just way to many other distractions that fill up the days. I have to wonder - am I leading a meaningful life or one of empty distractions?

Are you distracted easily and if so how do you handle it?

What are some of your positive (or not so) positive distractions?
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