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Books in the Bedroom - #AtoZChallenge

Books in the Bedroom - #AtoZChallenge

In honor of the letter B, I bring you Books in the Bedroom and a confession (all though if you read my blog even a little but you may have gotten a clue about this)... I love erotica! Love it! I can't get enough of those kinds of books. Read them. Write it. Whatever... I love it.

Erotica, for me is more than an outlet but it is "inspiration" when I feeling less then sexy in the bedroom. Not going to lie, my libido was lacking for a while after each kid but it is a wonder what a little "inspiration" can do in the brain to help jump start the lady bits.

Thanks to Dead Cow Girl, I added to my collection. I don't typically brag about my giveaway wins but these books are worth bragging about - Best Sex Writing 2012, Women in Lust and Obsessed.

Best Sex Writing of 2012 is more intellectual then inspirational, series of well written essays on the state of kink in 2012. Not exactly something to get the imagination fired up but well worth the read to challenge stereotypes in society when it comes to sex and sexuality. Women in Lust and Obsessed are true erotica and so very hot and sexy.

I made the mistake of carrying Obsessed with me (*cough* everywhere) and I have been in constant state of horny because of this book. The stories are short but very titillating, in every sense of the word. My favorite in this book is about licking an Irishman's tattoo (sigh) and sex during an earthquake. I'd tell you more but I'd ruin it for you but trust me when I say I am now on a hunt for a temporary tattoo and maybe a vibrating bed so I can role play with the husband.

The other book for the bedroom is Women in Lust and I must admit that I have not read it, yet, because I loaned it to a friend. I asked what her favorite story from that book is and all she would say is:
My favorite story is about a middle aged woman on holiday who leaves a bar to have a rendezvous with two young European strangers in an alley only to return to her husband at the bar guarding her drink. 
I can tell I am really going to like Women in Lust as well based completely on that sentence.  Fantasy is so much fun!

Keeping with the letter B - as I was checking out Dead Cow Girl's site I discovered Bloggers for Boobs.  Instead of posting stupid updates on Facebook that vaguely reference my boobs, for no other reason then to give someone a chance to roll their eyes, these ladies are actually raising money for breast cancer research!  I sent them my cleavage because I love my cleavage and you can't have cleavage without boobs.  That said, it will not be hard to pick out my boobs when (or if) they appear on the picture page.  You have till April 30th to submit your boobs and/or give a donation.

Let's now raise our shirts coffee cups in honor of the letter B!  

Fan or foe of erotica?  

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