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I Hate Pie

I must admit, I hate pie. I do not like pie I say. I do not like it is what I say.

You may ask why but I don't know why I don't like pie.
It could be the crust has no flavor and is often dry.
It may even be that if the crust is good there is not enough or even too much but I rarely find a good crust.
I guess the filing can be okay, but I'd rather have a great piece of cake or maybe tiramisu.
I would give my left tit for a brilliant tiramisu.

I understand that this is like comparing kittens to puppies and asking which is cuter but hey, we all know which is cuter just like we all know that pie is a mediocre replacement for a better pastry.

When the husband and I started seeing each other, I read an article about smells that induce arousal, aphrodisiacs. So I bought some vanilla candles and planned a romantic night in. As we finished dinner he asked about something for dessert. Well, dessert is me, duh.

At the time, I was very anti-dessert and did not keep it in my house. Sitting on the couch he asked, again. Sorry, cake won’t magically appear just because you ask again. He ran out to the store and bought a pie. A pie? French silk to be exact. A french silk pie. It was good. It was not cake but then again he wanted something for dessert. I was content to drink wine and watch TV. A few days later the same scene replayed itself - deja vu?

Turns out, when ever, and I do mean whenever, he smells vanilla he must have pie, or some other type of sweet. I would say it was his kryptonite, except he is drawn to it and must have a sweet at whatever the cost and yes, my waist line has paid the price. Needless to say, I also avoid buying lotion and perfume with even a hint of vanilla in it because it means cookies, cakes being baked or even, gasp, pie.

As for me, I still hated pie, until I was pregnant with baby girl and all of a sudden just the word pie made me weak in the knees and my mouth water. The entire time I craved it I only had it once and it was by chance. I just could not bring myself to make it or to buy it, no matter how much I wanted or needed it. Seems silly now, that I wanted pie but boy oh boy did I want pie.

I don’t even like pie on Thanksgiving but I do like pumpkin so I will have a piece. But eat the filling.  I prefer to make Pumpkin Tiramisu.

There is only one exception to my, I hate pie, rant and that is key lime pie. Could care less where it came from, if it was the right color or the wrong. Give me a good piece of key lime pie and I would be yours for ever.

I am sure you may be wondering what prompted my post on pie and it is all because of the awesomely, creative Aums Mama's post here and her un-pie.

But now I ask you - pie or no pie for you?

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