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Hope or Hormones?

It had been a few months since the attack and consequent demise of her relationship when she had finally started to feel like herself again. There were times, when she sat very still, she felt his fingers around her neck and felt the air leave her body. There were other times when she missed him so much she could convince herself that she imagined the whole scene. She knew she did not miss him nor did she imagine what happened but the mind tends to play tricks when you are alone at night.

He has tried to talk to her since it happened, phone calls, texts apologizing, and flowers even but she sent the flowers back and the calls went unanswered. It was better this way. She felt broken and did not need a reminder or a repeat. How is it I always pick the worse guys, she thought to herself.

She had settled into a routine, coffee shop, work and then home again. She stopped going out with her girlfriends because she did not want to discuss what happened and she avoided her mom because her mom liked him and thought she should give him a second chance.

She had also taken to eating lunch at her desk. The noise and the gossip of the break room had been more then she could handle when she went back to work a few days after the attack and she had gotten into the habit. Months later and she still won't eat lunch anywhere but at her desk.

“Hey there!”

Startled, she turned to see those blue eyes that she has been crushing on for a year. She avoided him the last few months as well. It was his phone call that had led to the fight but more then that it was their friendship that had led her to the realization of just how unhealthy her and her ex-boyfriend had actually been together.

“Hey,” she choked a little on the word.

“You are not eating at your desk again.”

“I’m not? And where would you suggest I eat?”

“With me,” he snatched up her sandwich, put it back in the bag and gently pulled her up from her chair. They stood there for a moment, bodies touching and for the first time she felt something other than self-pity. Could that be hope or hormones?

“I know something happened with you and you needed time but I miss hanging out with you. We are going to get out of the office, have lunch and enjoy the outside until we have to come back to our dark, dank cubicles.”

“Well since I don’t have a choice, let’s go” she giggled for the first time in a while. With a little reluctance she took her hands back and followed him out into the world.   

Move forward, she thought, move forward.

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-HoodAccording to Dante, the gates of hell are inscribed “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” I challenged you to be inspired by such a warning, in 500 words or less.   Read more here from others who did the prompt.

I am not sure if I lived up to the prompt but the story before this was her hell and the rest of the stories are here.
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