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Better Leave Tonight

He rolled off of her with a grunt, the sheet barely covered his naked, sweaty body. They had seen each other for two years and were no closer to walking down the aisle much less living together then they were the first time they went out. She stared at him trying to remember the last time they had even slept in the same bed.

“I’m hungry,” he grumbled, looking at her with what was once his cute, puppy dog look. That look only annoyed her more.

This would be her cue to go make something for him. This has become a burden. He has become a burden. She slid out of the bed and took the sheet with her, leaving him naked. He did not seem to notice, or care.

Wrapping the sheet tighter, she headed to her kitchen, opened the fridge and stared into the space.

She decided what she was going to do as she started pulling things from the fridge and putting them on the counter next to the stove. Reaching for the frying pan, her vision blurred a little thinking about the future but stopped herself and turned the stove on. Opening the package of bacon, she peeled off three slices and placed them in the frying pan. She watched the grease crackle in the hot pan.

Sliding the knife from its place, she started to feel a little stronger and with each slice into the juicy, red tomato, her confidence grew. She put two slices of bread in the toaster and turned the bacon over. The smell of bacon filled the kitchen and her stomach growled.

She grabbed the toast as it popped out of the toaster and slathered on the mayo. She did not bother with a plate as she layered the lettuce, tomato and bacon on top of the thick layer of mayo. He hated mayonnaise.

She grabbed a beer from the fridge and took the sandwich out on to the balcony. Her view was nothing more than the tiny courtyard and the back of some apartment buildings but there was always a nice breeze.

As she took the last bite of her BLT, he finally came out of the bed room. He looked at her, confused and irritated.

Looking at him she swallowed the last of her beer, “You still here?”

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