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Word(less) Wednesday: You Got Sibling Rivalry!

"I went through her email," said a weepy six year old.

"What are you talking about?" I said, "Who's email?"

Watching Goofy grab for his baby sister's new toy I instantly new what he was talking about. He didn't understand that the "email messages" are programmed and I just picked them randomly, except for one, which said his name in the email.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked half laughing, but clearly he was not and proceeded to push the "email" button until he found the offending emails.  Two in fact, one from "mommy" and one from "daddy."

He really believes that she got an email? 

This is twice today that he got upset with a toy.

Earlier, Story Time Elmo declared, "I love you" to baby girl and my sweet boy wondered if Elmo stopped loving him.

I honestly thought he was kidding.  Could it be that his imagination is working a little over time?  Could this be sibling rivalry?  Of course, its sibling rivalry! I expected something else. What I'm not sure, but not this sad little face looking at me wondering why she got a special email and he didn't.

Never mind it is a toy!

In the last month, he has been visited by the tooth fairy, the stupid elf (which is a knock off but that is another story) and Santa.

I thought he knew that animated toys were not real.

I guess I was wrong.

He knows now and he took it very well.
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