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HolidayComforts - What Makes Your Holiday Merry and Bright?

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What is it about this time that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Could it be the soft glow of Christmas lights? Could it be the cozy feeling of cuddling with hot cocoa and watching the endless array of holiday movies on the couch? How about all the extra joy that is in the air? Or maybe it the contagious giddiness of children (and adults) who still believes in Santa?

Despite the initial dread of the holiday season, for me, it dissipates once our tree is standing in our living room. I love how excited the kids are when they get the go ahead to start hanging ornaments. They can’t help but giggle and laugh with each decoration that is hung. Even the baby participates, of course, hers are all on one branch, on the very bottom of the tree, but she is so proud of that part of the tree.

There are so many things that bring comfort this time of year. The sights and sounds of this magical season is just the start and I want to share with you my top 5 holiday comforts.

Top 5 Holiday Comforts

1. Cinnamon
I love the smell and taste of cinnamon. Every year, right before Thanksgiving our local grocery store sells bags upon bags of pine cones covered in cinnamon and I am in heaven breathing it in. The smell sends me to that happy place of baking for the family and drinking hot chocolate dusted with this wonderful stuff. I’ve even started adding it to the salt and flour ornaments that the kids make every year.

2. Making Christmas Tree Ornaments
Speaking of the salt and flour ornaments - since my oldest has been able to manage a crayon, we have been making Christmas tree ornaments. One year it was popsicle sticks, another year was holiday themed plastic sun catchers and the last few years it has been salt and flour dough ornaments that we cut in to shapes with cookie cutters, bake and paint. Extra ornaments are handed out as gifts (and now smell like cinnamon).

3. Cookie Decorating
I know this is probably on many people’s list but for the last couple of years my son has been inviting friends over to decorate cookies together. This year he has invited his entire 1st grade class plus his PSR group. That is a lot of kids in my house and a lot of cookies but it will be worth it. Since there is always, extra cookies we decided to share the extras with the local nursing home.

4. Holiday Blankets
I am not one to do a theme for anything but I have two blankets that I keep stored away and only come out for Christmas. One is red and fluffy with white snowflakes and the other is bright red with Christmas stockings embroidered on it. Somehow seeing those blankets on my couches always make me feel cheerier and I love wrapping the kids in them when watching the Christmas specials.

5. Corny Holiday Movies
And by corny I mean all those made for TV, typically aired on ABC family and perfect to watch with the kids. Not to say that I am not embarrassed to be caught watching them but it quickly diminishes when the commercial is over and Santa is revealed to be real.

What are your holiday comforts?  Feel free to share in the comments or leave the link to your blog post!

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