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Here's to 2012! Do More. Give More. Love More.

In a few short hours, it will be a new year and I must admit that New Years Eve has always been my favorite holiday to celebrate (except one year) despite working nearly every New Year's Eve of my adult life. In fact, it was not until I resigned myself to a "grown up" job that I had holidays off, much less the last day of the year off.

I worked in the hospitality industry, what can I say?

I worked all holidays because I could make the most money and it was usually mandatory. I don't miss it but I always had a place to be while I was single and didn't have a date. I was surrounded by friends and it certainly did not keep me from drinking (and usually something way out of my price range).

One year though, I will be in Times Square to see the ball drop. I want it to be a wildly romantic adventure, that ends with a kiss, in the middle of a gazillion people, just as the ball hits the new year.

I have not seen the movie New Year's Eve, but the trailers I have seen encompass all of the feelings that this day brings for me every single year. Only better, because I have not only found my one, but also my other ones to share all of the anticipation, the excitement, the mystery and the promise of a better year. It is magical and romantic, even in PJs. Expectations reach an all time high at the stroke of midnight and some how, some how the next year will be better then the last. And, it always is.

This year started okay, got better but took a turn around Thanksgiving. I will not let it dictate my new year. I will leave all negativity in 2011 and I will learn to forgive myself. I am blessed beyond words and have never been more grateful then I am at this moment.

So, here is to 2012, and to semi quote this movie I have never seen...

Do more.

Give more.

Love more.
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