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Does Santa Deliver Wrapped Gifts?

 Does the Santa at your house deliver the gifts already wrapped? 

I am not sure why this came up last year because it had never come up before, but the Husband did not want to wrap Christmas presents because they did not do it in his family growing up.

I thought he was nuts so, I asked the question on Facebook and the answers ranged from 'no, don't wrap because Santa just pull gifts from his bag' (or the more responsible one - it is not environmentally friendly) to 'yes, they should be wrapped and with different kind of paper from the ones we give the kids.' 

my favorite response
I wrapped the presents last year.

Apparently, he really wants to do this not wrapping thing this year and my response was, "we have to wrap some!"

I love watching their faces as they pull the paper away from the goodie hidden inside.  A lot of pleasure comes from anticipation and what better way to do that then by wrapping the gift.  Besides, I am struggling with the Holiday spirit this way and wrapping presents makes it feel like Christmas.

Then again, I also said I wanted a real tree this year and his response was, "well, since we are not wrapping gifts this year blah, blah, blah.... go ahead and get a real fire hazard tree!"

I did not get a tree and since I don't sleep, I wrapped all the gifts that did not require assembly first.  I compromised.  This is not hard since each kid only gets four gifts.  Three from Santa (cause, Jesus only got three, duh) and one from mom and dad.

As it worked out - all but one of our sons are now wrapped and two of the babies are wrapped, hidden until "Santa" brings them from his sack.

He is not pleased.

fyi: not our house

So, wrapped or not wrapped?  I put up a poll on Facebook here (I wish I could embed it but, eh) or feel free to comment.  Both ways will/may get you extra entries in the iCaughtSanta Giveaway. 

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