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Sentimental Sunday - Week 3

Here we are, week three of NaBloMoPo and I am still going!

I almost did not complete Friday's post but, inspiration hit me late in the day to complete the Red Writing Hood prompt as I was driving to pick the baby up from the sitters.  Lucky for me, she feel asleep shortly after coming home and the Husband had dinner waiting so banging out 300 words before the first grader got in bed to watch a movie seemed like the easiest thing to do on a Friday night.

At this time last year, I was posting sporadically.  I had given up on NaBloMoPo and was finally to adjusting to having a kindergartener and baby girl who was right around 7 months. 

I was also yelling a lot and wrote about here.  It is amazing the amount of guilt that seems to come with being a parent. Spank or not spank?  Helicopter parent or free range parenting? Are we making the right decisions?  Can we do something better?  Can I get him to eat something other then corn and applesauce?  I feel like I am always doubting myself and at the same time I have never been so sure of anything in my life.  I love my kids, I love my family and as we head into Thanksgiving week I will just say it - I am thankful that I have every bit of it.

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