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Sentimental Sunday ~ Week 1

Deciding what to write about that was sentimental and short was harder than I thought it would be but then I realized that I could look back at old posts for inspiration!

I went back to the this week and boy was it a good week for talking about myself!  I wrote about why I started this blog and who encouraged me (unknowingly) to write a blog. And, I wrote about my guilty pleasure - Charmed.

I love that TV show.

I still watch Charmed all though I no longer record it on my DVR.

I still have not bought the comic books and I am hoping the Husband will buy them for me for my birthday but until then I will think of the sisters fondly and then thank the TV gods for creating Grimm and Once Upon a Time.  Sure, one of them, at least, has a heroine but they will never live up to my Charmed but they are very, very good nonetheless.  Of course, now that I have expressed my opinion both shoes will be cancelled.

Thank goodness for reruns.

I can't imagine a more perfect way to spend Sunday afternoons then watching old tv shows and folding laundry.

Have an old post you would like to share?  Feel free to add it!

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