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A Messy Memory

Messy Memory - BleachItAway
Kids = Mess

It is a given.

I would even say that kids and mess are interchangeable. When they are babies, for instance, you can say, "Oh, my, what a cute mess," just switch out mess for baby. As they get older, "Oh, how your mess has grown!" Kid has grown; mess has grown - completely interchangeable.

The amount of messes I have had to clean-up over the last six years has grown substantially. 

Messy eatingAnd, it is not just spit up, throw up and poop! No, that is just a normal day. Have you ever tried to get spaghetti sauce out of a dress, baby food from a favorite onsie, disinfect a tub that baby girl has pooped in (while attempting to bathe her) or scrub kool-aid off a counter top?

It is not easy. 

Can't say making the mess was not fun or the stories that go with the mess don’t make us keel over with laughter from time to time either, but raising babies and kids is a messy business.

I brought up the topic of messy memories with the Husband and asked him if there was one that stood out for him.  He reminded me the first time our son went pee standing up. It was from his crib, through the slots and on to our hardwood floors.

The Husband was home with him, watching TV in the living room while our son was napping. Our son had to have been a little more the a year old when this happened. We lived in a two bedroom apartment which was pretty big but still small enough to look into his room at just the right angle from the couch in the living room.

As I said, the Husband was watching TV when he heard a piddling sound. He did not know what it was but it sounded like a leaky faucet or more correctly, water falling on hardwood.

He went into our son’s room and there was our darling little boy, sans diaper and peeing out of the crib. 

Apparently, our sweet son had the proudest look on his face, like he just knew he did something right, or wrong.

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