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Attempting to Write Dialog

“It is mocking me.”

Watching the little black line blink on and off, tapping the keys lightly. The sound is oddly comforting even though no words are appearing on the blank screen.


“The cursor; it’s mocking me.”

The light from the screen is blinding in contrast to the rest of the room but I refuse to turn on a light for fear of letting the rest of the house know the failure that the darkness was hiding.

“I really don't think that the cursor is mocking you,” the reply came laced with condescension.

“Why is it so hard to write dialog?”


Sitting, hunched over the keyboard, no one could tell if the words where meant for anyone to hear, but that did not stop them from coming.

“It should be easy. I have conversations everyday. Why can't I put it down on paper?”

“Paper?” Openly mocking me now as I sit at the computer.

Tap, tap, tap. Delete, delete, delete.

I rolled my eyes, “This should not so difficult.”


“Don't do that,” I spat.


“Stop it.”


“You are just agreeing and saying things to shut me up.” Anger was rising as was my agitation.

“That's wrong?” I could hear the sneer.

“It's not helpful. I have a real issue here and you know it.”

Trying to suppress the giggles I hear, “Yep, you certainly have issues.”

“I want to write a great dialog between two people...” I stopped; it was no use to continue with conversation. “Why am I doing this to myself?”

“Because you are masochistic?”

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