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The Last Thing I Looked For...

I can be pretty scattered brain at times.

It is sad really, how forgetful I can be with my things.

I roll my eyes each and every time, followed by a shoulder shrug when I can't find something.  At least, if I don't have a complete meltdown followed by a temper tantrum and usually tears.  Sometimes, silent promises of revenge to those who took my thing that I am looking for, even if it was the pixie that lives under the stairs.

Oddly, if the Husband is looking for [insert item here] or my kid, hell, even my boss - it is scary how I can recall where [insert item here] is located.  And, by recall I mean literally, I can close my eyes and see whatever is needed.  I could see [insert item here] from the corner of my eye, one time, and when asked for [insert item here] *poof* I know where [insert item here] is located.

Not so with anything that I need.

Case in point, Sunday, I was taking the kids to see grandma and could not find my keys.  My keys.  I know I had my keys the night before because we had gone out the night before and I drove.

I drove, parked and unlocked the door to get in to our house so I know I had keys at some point within the last 24 hours but when I go to leave, again, gone.

Flashes of the before mentioned pixie come to mind, as well as the Husband devilishly hiding them behind the couch, but after several sad attempts at trying to remember where they were and two kids who were itching to get out the house to visit grandma, I took the Husband's set and went on are way.

They have to turn up somewhere.  Right?

Once home and his keys returned to the hook on the wall, I promptly forgot that I lost my keys.

I threw the wash in to the dryer and started the dishes.  Then I heard it.  A thump or was it a clink.

Clink, clank.

I turned the water off and waited.


Turned the water back on and a few minutes later heard it again.

And in a flash, I knew were my keys where at...

Writing Prompts:
2.) Write about the last item you looked for. Why did you need it?
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