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22 Things I Have Never Done

I will be 37 years old next month and I have never...

1.  made a list like this.

2.  been to Ireland or Prauge

3.  finished college

4.  been in a play.

5.  seen Phantom of the Opera in Toronto.

6.  seen a flash mob performance in person.

7.  been to a haunted house as an adult.

8.  never understood reality TV.

9.  scuba dived.

10. ate dungeness crab on the dock of the Bay.

11. been married in the Church.

12. been on a train.

13. dominó una segunda lengua.

14. gone skinny dipping.

15. never won the lottery.

16. done something in Vegas that should stay there.

17. gotten a tattoo.

18. gone sky diving.

19. canned anything.

20. played a recognizable melody on my trumpet (despite spending most of 3rd grade working on it) or learned to read music for that matter.

21. realized how few things I have never done.

22. truly regretted anything.

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