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Upromise Celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a Dream and $20,000!

This post brought to you by UPromise. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Dreams are very special and when you journey into parenthood your dreams become even bigger as you start to think about your children's future. We skimp and save, sacrifice and often swallow our pride to put our family's needs first. Thankfully, us modern folks have help like www.upromisetodream.com

Upromise was founded ten years ago with the idea that everybody should be able to afford to go to college. The program is simple, you sign up, buy things online and a percentage of your purchase is "refunded" back to you to put towards a savings account. In other words, it is a "college savings service that harnesses the purchasing power of parents, extended family, family, and students to make it easier to pay for college." (source)

I started my first grader's account while I was pregnant with him and we have since added our baby girl to the account. Their college fund is growing with each click and the money will be invested into a 529 Savings Plan.

In honor of Upromise's 10 year anniversary, they are having a sweepstakes! They are giving away $20,000 in prizes to users who submit their story of how they helped to support a child's dream. To participate go to www.upromisetodream.com and submit your dream. I did and it was so easy. I even uploaded a picture of the kids. Once you do that then check out other submissions and vote on your favorites by "liking" them.

Upromise will give away $1,000 to 10 winners and one grand prize of $10,000 from the entries submitted! For more information see the dream wall official rules. Who knows, you might win!

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