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I Have a Cuisinart? And, It Can Do What!?!?

Shortly after Baby Girl was born, the Husband took over most of the grocery shopping and even some of the cooking.

I am not entirely sure how it happened but I do know that the fridge and pantry have food and that is a good thing.

Sure, I have to remind him to buy fruit and veggies every so often, but, for the most part the arrangement works out great.

There are some things, however, I think no man should ever have to buy for me.  Ever.

Say what you will, but I feel very strongly about this subject and will not risk anyone, husband or not, buying the wrong thing and being disappointed.  I just can't handle it.  Some things are just that important.

So... When it comes to coffee and wine I will always buy them myself, especially if said shopper does not drink either.

I love my coffee.  I mean I really love my coffee.  It is something to look forward to when I am lying in the bed debating about showering or making lunches.  It is a treat in the middle of the day or the perfect way to end the evening.  I don't sleep anymore so it is a necessity, like breathing.

Inevitably, there came the day when he was going shopping and I was out of coffee.  So, I put it on the list.  Coffee, Starbucks, on sale.  I am not necessarily a die hard Starbucks fan but, the coffee will do, especially when on sale.  I am more of a Seattle's Best kinda a gal.  What I did not count on was a coupon in the paper for Seattle's Best and the Husband got me a bag!  Score!

Thrilled is how I felt for the ten seconds it took me to pick up the bag and realize... whole beans!

Whole freakin' beans?  I don't have a grinder!  What the flip!

As I was complaining, via tweets and selective tweets to Facebook, about the pretty red bag mocking me the wonderful and smart @MyGotFam suggested I "magic bullet" the beans.

Magic Bullet?  Who do you people think I am?  Coffee bean grinders and magic bullets are for other people and not me.

I responded that I might break out the the cheap knock off I have in a box somewhere in my cupboard and thought, "what the heck!"  And, I did.

This mini food processor had been sitting on my counter for months years collecting dust before we moved this summer and is now hanging out somewhere in my new cupboards.

This mini food processor has been pushed around, boxed up, un-boxed and almost re-gifted a half a dozen times since it was given to me about two years ago.

I never read the box.

Never gave it a second glance.

I have a pretty awesome food processor that sits proudly on my counter so why would I need that mini thing in a box that collects dust?

So, here is my chance to knock off the dust and put it to use.

I needed my coffee.

Would you believe hidden below all that dust was a freakin' Cuisinart®!

A Cuisinart!

The real deal

And, it grinds the heck out of those coffee beans which make a brilliant pot o' coffee.

The end.

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