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The Who to Hang With Award for July!

Hello to August!  I have never been happier nor sadder to see August 1st come (and go).  We are officially in the dog days of summer and school is right around the corner.  My, soon to be first grader, will be The First Grader *sniff, sniff* and winter will be around the corner. 

Until then, check out last month's 'Who to Hang With" award winners from the Tailspin Blog and Social Media Hop.

Cajun Delights!  The best recipes straight from Cajun Country!  My favorite place to visit. If you look at nothing else check out: Cajun Fourth of July Faves

Great recipes at a fraction of the cost!  Frugal in WV searches for great recipes, makes them and shares them so you know which to try and all are budget friendly.  My favorite is Everyday Food Peanut Butter Waffles.

Original, sweet and inspirational - Some Kind of Wonderful is a great feel good blog.  And, her fmaily is just beautiful!

The Fainting GoatsShould read this based on the title of the blog... The Fainting Goats

Be sure to follow them and tell them I sent you!  The new linky is open for August and if you would like to be considered for this prestigious award please be sure to join and then follow your hosts -  if you don't comment I won't know who you are...

note: This award was given to the above mentioned bloggers all in good fun and... totally meaningless, unless of course you are one who received this award and then it is priceless. I am sure all winners will want to grab the button so go for it! 

You do not have to pass this to anyone.  

And for those who want to check out all of May's links... They are worth it!  

Each.  And.  Every.  One.

iNeed a Playdate.

Don't forget to link up with the Tailspin for August and feel free to browse the other blogs from June... they are all wonderful!
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