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Twitter Party Awkwardness #Fail

Twitter Party Awkwardness #Fail

I remember it like it was yesterday...  I was scrolling through twitter, from my iPod app (I have a touch; not an iPhone - I'm just not that cool) and came across this tweet:

and I responded with this tweet:

Twitter Party Awkwardness #Fail 2

To which, another fellow tweep responded, disagreed and added - #buttingin.  I'm fine that we disagree but to add... #buttingin?  Really?

You may be wondering what is Triberr and subsequently, " what's it do?"
Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to their followers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe.

Some see it as twitter spam... I don't because the people in my "tribe" are like minded or I follow them all ready and I get to read a lot of posts that I may miss in the regular stream.  I skip probably as many tweets about a blog post as I click on but in return I have gotten a few new followers and even a few more page views then before I was on Triberr.  This is not a post for or against Triberr -  I get both sides of the debate that prompted the question but I happen to like the service.

As for #buttingin... I guess this hash tag can be taken in a couple of ways. Maybe they thought that Triberr, itself, is a form of #buttingin, maybe they are jealous they never got an invite or maybe they felt that my response was #buttingin...  I am really hoping that it is not the later. Regardless, I really want to know what they where thinking?  But, I don't know because they never responded.  And, how could I respond after that? Are you saying I am not invited to this twitter party?  Are you saying my opinion does not count?  Do you not realize we follow the same people? Did you mean that I should not #buttin? Are you saying my butt is too big?  Am I being too sensitive?  Can I read into this anymore then I all ready am?  Does anyone have any chocolate?

Somehow, all of of a sudden, I am THAT person at {insert party here} who spoke out of turn and said {insert awkward comment} and created {insert awkward moment} at said party.  But - I remembered, duh, its a twitter party!  The tweet said RT!  I follow them anyway!  But, that hash tag - still awkward.  And I admit it - my feelings where hurt.  Why am I #buttingin?

The way I feel about twitter parties is the same for talking on a cell phone in an elevator - if you want it to be private go somewhere that is private.

Twitter Party Awkwardness #Fail 3

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