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Remembering #TheDayBabyWasBorn on the First Day Back to School

Here we are, the first day of first grade.  It is hard not to think about the day he was born today.  Watching him walk into his classroom - a little nervous but excited made me wish to hold him again as a baby.  sigh.

It was a Tuesday.  I spent the morning getting my birth certificate and drivers license because I had this irrational fear that they would not let me take my baby boy home with me if I did not show identification and of course I lost my drivers license the week before he was due.

Once those tasks where completed, the husband went to work and I went grocery shopping.  My mom was house bound at this point and I was determined to make sure she would be well stocked.  I was feeling funny all day.  Uncomfortable, short of breath - normal pregnancy issues, but different. 

When I started to put away the groceries I started to feel cramping and figured I should call the Husband but put it off just a little longer - I had time.  Right?

I finally called him and because I was so calm he took his time.  I went to change clothes.  I was wearing my mom's house dress and was not going to hospital in anything but my clothes.  While I was changing, my water broke.  Still, no sign of the Husband.  I went outside to wait.

And wait...

I finally saw him pull on to our street and I have no idea how I got to the car, in it or even to the street the hospital was on but I do remember that he hit traffic, potholes and thought this would be a good time to coach me in breathing.  If there was ever a time I hated the sound of him breathing it was then and I told him so - in know uncertain terms.

Did I mention that for a month I was four centimeters?  Did the nurses, doctors or interns check me when I got there to see how far I was?  Did I mention that I think they thought I was exaggerating about the pain because I was a first time mom?  How about how fast they moved when they finally checked me and I was 7 centimeters and change?

Sure, I left out how I was asking for pain meds, an epidermal and a real doctor (no intern for me thank you) or how I kept taking the Velcro bands from the monitor off me because I was feeling claustrophobic.  But, really, none of that mattered as they where rushing me at full speed to the delivery room because I was so close to delivering.  Suddenly, I had their attention and the anistisologist was on his way, as soon as my blood work came back and that happen to be at 8 centimeters and did I take it?  Hell yes I did!

In retrospect, I would have had him two hours sooner but, eh... it was my first and I was scared of the pain.  You better believe I had an epideral with baby girl. I know what I can take and pain is not one of them.

Once, he was here, for the briefest of seconds there was a code pink called and as soon as everyone was in the room it was canceled.  Dad hovered over him while they recorded his info and cleaned him up.

As they worked on me, the Husband held my baby boy while I rubbed his foot.  They would not let me hold him till they controlled my bleeding and those where the longest minutes of my life.

The day my our baby was born was full of excitement and it may not be what I had envsioned it was still the most amazing thing I will ever had done.  At least until his sister was born.

And, for the record, the Husband tells this story so much better then I do - complete with pauses and a dead on imitation of me yelling at him for breathing.

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