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Princess Won't Sit Still

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Changing baby in our house can be a contender for a new Olympic game and to say our little daredevil is fearless goes beyond the dictionary definition.

Baby Girl is a cross between an acrobat in the circus and a gymnast by the way she wiggles, squirms and manages to climb off the changing table.  Did I mention her ability to out run us once her feet hit the floor?

Our little girl just won't lay there anymore while we change her diaper.  To make matters worse - she can reach the light switch and the baby wipes so while we struggle to keep her still she is reaching (and successfully sucking on) the baby wipes, while turning the light switch on and off.  Begging and pleading won't help, especially, when she has beat you to the temper tantrum you where contemplating.  This is why she is nicknamed little Princess Won't Sit Still... I'm sure there are better names out there, more clever names and even shorter names but considering her Majesty's reign on our house and the royal temper tantrum she can dish out - you would understand.

It was not always this difficult.  I remember a time, not to long ago, when Princess Won't Sit Still would not stay in a wet diaper!  Oh, how she would cry and cry and cry...  she would cry until someone would finally change her and then she was fine, again.  Not a problem getting her to lay still on the changing table or the floor.  No need to strap her on to the changing table to keep her there, even while we stood there the whole time.  No screaming at the top of her lungs because she wants to do it herself.  No need to sedate her... obviously, joking!  I would never drug my kid to change her!   Sigh.

Princess Won't Sit Still is now 16 months and she is on the go more now then ever.  Stopping to change a diaper is just ridiculous so we have some new tricks to get her to cooperate.  For instance, we ask her to get her diaper and she does, even if she has to go upstairs to get the thing.  As a bonus, she gets to decided how long she takes (a long while) and where she would like to be changed at (where ever is most inconvenient) in the house.  This gives her some power and me some sanity.

Another thing we have tried to do now is to ask her if she needs to go to the potty.  Yes, Princess Won't Sit Still has all ready gone in her diaper but she feels more like a big girl when you take off the dirty diaper and put her on the potty.  In addition, I have a new diaper ready to go and all ready velcroed so I put the diaper on like a Huggies Pull-Ups not knowing that they started making Huggies Slip-On Diapers!

I never thought I would be related to royalty but I am and she goes by Princess Won't Sit Still!  And, will be heading to the store...
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