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I've Always Wanted a Stalker

I feel you watching.

I sense you near.

My skin tingles.

My throat tightens.

Every inch of my skin is electric.

I feel like I am on fire.

I wonder if I imagine you.

I worry that I did not.

Did you come to me during the night?

Was that just a dream?

Do you stand under my window, watching?

Am I the fantasy?

By breath quickens.

Words catch in my throat.

Do I phone or are you somewhere near?

Do you watch me as I leave?

I think you do.

I hope you do.

I want you to.

Will you stop me?

I want you to.

I imagine that you do.

You pull me into your arms.

The heat from your lips on mine make my knees weak.

Your hand at the small of my back makes me sure.

Am I wrong?

Should I not admit these things out loud?

Do you watch me twist my hair round my finger?

Do you watch me stroke my neck?

Do you know what I am thinking?

Do you know what I can do?

Should I keep these thoughts to myself?

I think that you are watching me.

I don't mind.

I've always wanted a stalker.

And you will do just fine.

I am participating in Mama Kat's  -Pretty Much World Famous- Writer's Workshop - trying my hand at free writing and Red Writing Hood.
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