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How Do I Get Out of My Comfort Zone, Meet Other Moms and Have a Playdate? FONDUE!

Finally, a playdate!

With adults, specifically - other moms! 

More importantly - moms who blog! 

Roni and Chrissy (and me)

Last night, I had the opportunity to meet the ladies behind Mommy in Law and My Got Fam for dinner at the Melting Pot.  It was ladies night (aka spa night) which means that on top of the amazing dinner, dessert and cocktail we could also participate in a "spa" treatment from La Barberia Spa and Salon all for $35 (including tax and gratuity)!   Of course, I was last to arrive (late) but I made it and when the hostess took me to the table I immediately saw faces I knew!  I have read so much about these ladies lives online that they feel like they are all ready old friends and here they are in the flesh.

Between bites of cheesy goodness I got to hear about why they blog, what irks them (in real life and online), what makes them laugh and just connected with the women behind the blogs. We shared how we meet in the blogging world while sipping adult beverages and told the tales of how and why we call Cleveland home. I even learned that I can change my twitter name (which I did) with out losing followers, why you should not split an infinitive and there is peer pressure in the adult world, not just high school.  By the time our dessert came, I felt closer to these ladies and thrilled that I got to spend this time with them.

top right - half eaten spinach and artichoke fondu, top left - hard to see flambéed smore's fondu, bottom righ- the flame from flambéed smore's fondu, bottom left- dessert dippers

After dessert, we were ushered in to the "salon" for our "spa" treatment.  I was going to go for the paraffin treatment like my fellow bloggers, Chrissy and Roni, until Chrissy dared us to get... well she promised that she would blog about it so you will have to check out her blog to see what I got for my spa treatment.  I will say it could have been a massage, a feather in my hair or a mini makeover... but that is all I can say about that.

Chrissy and Roni being treated to a paraffin wax dip
You can say that mommy bloggers or moms who blog share to much online and maybe you think that friends online are not really friends but I feel pretty confident that these funny moms (they really are funny - check them out in my blog roll) are truly the nicest women I've meet in a long time and I am honored to call them friends. And, we did this all over the cheesy goodness of fondue!  Even if one of them splits the infinitive from time to time - it's called artistic license.

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