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My Ten Time-Saving Tips to Make Your Life as a Busy Mom Easier

Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy…

Time is just never on my side and there is just never enough time. I wish I had Bessie Higgenbottom’s energy and commitment. If you are not sure who she is… it is a super funny cartoon on Nick with Amy Poehler (who also co-created it as well as star as Bessie). Talk about a busy mom, Amy Poehler!


Between work, the kids, school, the day camp, the day care, soccer practice, swim lessons, making dinner, moving, blogging, nursing, cooking, cleaning, visiting relatives, going to the park, working out (HA!), baby and me classes and whatever else you want to add to my to do list – sheesh! I forgot to fit the Husband in there… sigh. Divorce proceedings for neglect? Just kidding there but you get what I mean! Not enough time! Note: we are not heading to divorce it was a joke.

There is just never enough time in the day it seems to do everything I want to do. Ever.

We are busy. We moms handle everything. If the house is a mess, it is my fault for not cleaning. If the children are hungry, it is my responsibility to make them eat something resembling healthy. If the boss needs something by 5:00 PM that he is asking for at 4:55 PM, I’m staying late to do it. If the Husband is sick, I make the doctor’s appointment.

I actually had a conversation with a colleague who was leaving to be a stay at home mom because she just has no idea how I do it… duh… I have to do. I also happen to really like what I do so that helps a lot!

I am sure you are wondering just how I stay so organized and put together… well, when I figure that out I will write a post but in the mean time – my Top 10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms! Because I am pretty together… for the most part.

  1. I shop online and usually at lunch. I love and They have wonderful customer service and delivery time is usually within two days. I have been a fan since the First Grader was born and I have very rarely bought diapers in a store.
  2. I make use of my iPod touch (or for the rest of the world a smart phone) to keep track of everything… Names, dates, blog topics – you name it, it is there.
  3. I cook extra so that there are lots of leftovers. Why make one meal when you can make three! If I know I am going to use something in a dish later, like tomatoes, I chop the whole tomato and store it till it is time to use it. If I make meatloaf, I will also use some of the meat to make hamburger patties and freeze to throw on the George Foreman.
  4. While the kids are taking a bath, I'm cleaning the bathroom or reading a book.
  5. I keep a pad of sticky notes in the car with a pen or pencil to write things down at stoplights or while waiting for something or someone. I find it easier then typing on those little smart phone/touch screens.
  6. I use twitter as my news outlet. Watch the news? Ha! I have other things to do so I use the list feature twitter has and I scroll through what may be important and only read it if I have to or it is of interest.
  7. I buy greeting cards in bulk, write them all out, address and stamp them and keep them in a book that is organized by month and day so that I never miss a birthday or anniversary.
  8. I buy the First Grader’s lunch snack in bulk or large bags so while he is working on crafts or homework I’m bagging the food in individual, portion controlled baggies.
  9. I love ice coffee and I am the only one who actually drinks coffee in the morning so I make a full pot and put the rest in the fridge to enjoy as iced coffee later. Speaking of coffee… I utilize the auto drip feature on my coffee pot. Every other morning it goes off at 5:45 AM. The other mornings I have ice coffee
  10. I keep a really pretty bowl by the front door as a catch all for keys, a pen and spare change. The pen is for signing for the pizza and the spare change is so I know where it is if I need it. The keys are pretty self explanatory… I am always losing them so if I remember to put them in the bowl I am golden in the morning!

I am sure you wish you can be just as organized as I am (HA!) Your turn!

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