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Bnter, bnter, bnter - If Tumblr and Twitter had a Baby

If Tumblr & Twitter got together and had a baby it would be Bnter.  Yeah, that's right, I said it and I stand by it.  Except, Bnter is really cool.  Not that the other two aren't!  I mean... I LOVE me some Twitter and Tumblr is just plain fun but this more PG and less spamy.

Bnter (pronounced banter) is similar to Twitter and you are limited but instead of characters you are limited to three exchanges.  I made this one while writing this...

You said, then he said and then you said... or you, than him and then she... or... well you get the idea.  You can share it on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr and yes, there is even "an app for that."  It is also available for Android OS 2.1 and greater.

I do have the apple app but you can't comment or share, yet, but you can post conversations and that is just fine by me.  Oh, wait... I forgot that you can share or "repost" conversations, on the website, that you like from the friends you follow (or even don't follow)  just like Tumblr, but not, because it is only conversations.

There is something unique and special about being able to read someone's thoughts in this format.  Or, really, their conversations.  I love the simplicity of the design and careful attention to the formatting of this website.  It would be so easy to clutter it up but they don't and that is just brilliant.  White background and small icons to denote people speaking.   You can pick your avatar or use the one Bnter provides.

Imagine... all the little things people say that strike you as funny or make you smile that you would like to share but had no place to do it... now you do.  Those little conversations you have with your kids that you don't want to forget, but... know that you will, have a home at Bnter.  The things that your significant other says that no one will believe... someone will believe you.  They may even comment.

Once, you sign up (come on - I know you will) be sure to friend me and say hi!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Bnter Campaign and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.  My opinions are 100% my own, whether you like it or not. 
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