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Blog Bash 2011 Giveaway! iReach from PR Newswire - take your blog or small biz to new heights

Ever feel like your message, your blog, your brand or your product  is just not reaching the right audience?  Or maybe, you are reaching the right audience, but you know that if you had the right tools you might be able to reach a larger audience?  Do you wonder how you may make your self or your brand… more marketable?  Are you working on a shoestring budget?

One word… iReach iReach has many of the benefits of a traditional press release, in an easy to use, self service format at various pricing levels to fit your budget.   The hardest part about signing up is the wait to be approved… and yes, they verify all of your info.  That is how they keep the integrity of the PR Newswire brand intact. 

That's right friends… PR Newswire.  If you have never heard of them, they are the global leader in news and information distribution services for professional communicators.  In other words… they are the go to people to get your story to the rest of the world.

Never considered doing a press release?  Why not?  You have a service that the world needs to know about!  Whether it is your blog, your etsy shop, your small business, the charity that you volunteer for – the world should know.

With iReach, your release will be posted to, “the industry’s most trafficked website” and your newsworthy story will be findable by search & news engines which will help drive visitors to your website.  Just like life though, nothing is guaranteed but it may just stack the deck in your favor.

Your budget will dictate the bells and whistles that would be included in an iReach press release but from the start of your session to the end you can rest assured that it is easy, quick and efficient.
What are some of the bells and whistles you ask…?

So here is the best part!  You can win your very own WebReach  (a $299 value)!
Enhance your message with an image and drive traffic to your site.
Tip: Send out a summary of your blog (or service) and provide a link back to drive traffic to your site.

All the benefits of SearchReach +PLUS

  • Optimize your message with an image
  • Distribute to the iReach syndication network of 1,000+ websites
  • Leverage your message to get links from authoritative websites
  • Measure visibility via PR Newswire's ReleaseWatch™ reporting
  • Take advantage of PR Newswire's most cost-effective and most powerful option for distributing releases online and boosting your website's visibility - plus receive PR Newswire's ReleaseWatch™ report that shows you where your release has posted online.
  • Post your release to, the industry's most trafficked search engine visible website. Independent research shows PR Newswire's website has the most unique website visitors and the highest rate of search engine referrals in the industry
  • Optimize your release with a photo or image. Research shows that press releases with images get more search engine and media pick-up than those without
  • Syndicate your release to the iReach online network of 1,000+ sites - dramatically expanding your reach and establishing powerful backlinks from authoritative websites that will greatly increase your site's visibility
  • PR Newswire hosts your release forever, giving it a keyword-rich permanent URL to help people find it and to optimize it for search engines
  • Get great search engine visibility on top search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others).'s highly optimized site structure helps to ensure that all of your releases get premium placement for search engines (and, as a result, searchers!)
  • Take your message viral through's embedded social media toolbar. Make it easy for readers to spread your news through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more with social media functionality on each of your releases
  • Reach the most relevant audiences when PR Newswire tags your releases for the right industries, subjects and geographies, making it easier for online audiences to find your release
  • Take advantage of PR Newswire's ReleaseWatch™ report, which automatically sends you links to the sites where your release appears within two hours of distribution

Wondering how to win this?  Do one or all three of the following:
note: only one is mandatory (your pick) 
ONE ENTRY = One comment

Go to the iReach website and share something you learned (one entry)

Follow on Google Friends Connect (one entry)

Follow on Twitter (one entry)

Like iNeedaPlaydate on Facebook (one entry)

Tweet or Share this contest (one entry per day, for each tweet, share, post, etc...  + the url of where you tweeted or shared this)

Fine Print
One winner will be picked via from the comments ranging from oldest to newest.  Contest ends on June 26, 2011 at 11:59 PM.  Winners will be contacted by means specified in comment/entry and have 48 hours to respond before another winner will be chosen.  This post will be amended to announce winner.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I happen to work for PR Newswire.  I did not opt to take a free iReach, at this time, and I reached out to PR Newswire to offer this amazing contest specifically for Blog Bash 2011.  These are 100% my opinions.
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