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A Bag of Oreos, Packing and Laundry

I have not done laundry in weeks.

Well... Ihavedoneenoughtogetby but that pile just keeps getting bigger.

We move in two weeks.  Two weeks.  Actually, ten days.

T E N.  D A Y S.

I am participating in a city wide yard sale this weekend.

We have boxes everywhere.

Nothing is packed.

I still have to get ready for the sale this weekend.

Did I mention that is the first time I ever hosted a garage sale and have no plan?  None.  No plan.  Nothing.

I have three blog posts to write and two are reviews and one is for Blog Bash 2011.

I am writing this instead.

I ate a row of Oreo cookies this weekend.

Overwhelmed is an understatement at this point and I cried randomly yesterday.

I can not wait to start moving...  in 10 days.

If I am not fantasizing about what I think the new house will look like when we are finished I am fantasizing about the rest of the Oreos.


This made me cry at 2:00 AM. It is cool and I wanted to leave you with something other then a sigh.

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