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All Aboard! Lodi Station Outlet Mall

I am not a mall person.

I know... someone take away my suburb card away.  I was never a mall rat (though I love the movie) and the idea of going to an outlet mall was right there on my 'not to do list'.  I just never saw the point of driving, way down to the middle of nowhere - to shop. At least, not when there is Craigslist and eBay.  Don't care how good the deals are or how much I can save - not going to go.  I should also note that I also don't do Black Friday but I am all over Cyber Monday.

The Husband, on the other hand... quite the opposite and has, on one occasion, shared his appreciation for the outlet mall.  It was okay.  Had some great deals.  Bought Goffy's first pair of Crocs there and a pair for myself.  Other then that... eh.  If we were not all ready out there I would not have made a special trip but it was our anniversary and we went to a day spa near there...

It is because I am just not a shopper.  I do like a good destination spot thought and if it happens to be at an outlet mall... with a train... and it happens to be a blogging meet up... well, what is the harm of checking it out?

So, this past Saturday, the Husband and I took the kids to Lodi Station Outlet for a fun filled day of riding the train, shopping and lunch.  We also invited a friend of the first grader and his mom to really make the outing something special. 

We were greeted by the organizer of the day, @Nikki_S (of the Guilty Parent and other things) and she gave us the run down for the day and then we where off and running riding... the train!  There was no way the boys were going to let us do a thing until we rode the train!  It went around (and through) the entire outlet as well as out to the playground (which looks like so much fun) and an open air theater!

The train ride was more then just a ride but a chance to learn a little about the history of the outlet and the trains but to check out the mall before we shopped!  I only wish that they could let us off at a stop to shop and catch the next train.
First Grader's Friend & the First Grader
On a side note...  Chugga Chugga Charlie (the mall's mascot) scared the dickens out of the baby who would jump into my arms when ever she saw him.  I only wish he could have gone shopping with me to keep her in one place so I could shop and not chase her - ha!

Anyway... Back at the station, the Husband checked in at customer service and got a free t-shirt and coupons for Father's Day.  The women who work the counter exceed the customer service standard!  They are welcoming, sweet and super helpful.  We even ended up with balloons for everyone and we bought a t-shirt for the First Grader.  

The Husband took the boys and they went off to look at Pro Tools Clearance Outlet and Black & Decker Outlet [insert manly grunting].  He also managed to stop at Tommy Hilfiger while we ladies (read: me and the other mom) checked out Lane Bryant Outlet and The Children’s Place.  Eventually we met back up for lunch at the Steam Café and ended the day with another train ride!

We got there at noon and did not start heading home until after 4:00 PM.  I would never normally spend that much time in a mall.  Never.  Ever.  But... the day flew by and before I knew I spent a little over $100 and everybody got something.  T-shirts galore for the First Grader, an outfit for baby, some new clothes for work for me... it was a very fruitful day of shopping and everybody had fun.

I am actually looking forward to going back... soon.  Have that new house to buy for and I plan on spending a lot in Kitchen Collection.

Here are a few more pics from the day...


I want to especially thank Lodi Station Outlet for including us in this blogger event and also: Carter’s, The Jockey Store, Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzel, Steam Café, Bath & Body Works Outlet, Caboose Corner, Kitchen Collection, Pro Tools Clearance Outlet, Black & Decker Outlet and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for their contributions.  I did not receive any payment to write this but I was give a gift card to shop at the mall.  The opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

In case you are wondering where you can get the t-shirt the First Grader is wearing... here.
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